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OCARC Documentation

Welcome to the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club's documentation system. Here you will find details about various projects that the club is working on, as well as an archive of documentation for club-owned equipment.



Club Resources




  • BGWHTE Big White Mountain IRLP


  • BGWHTE Big White Mountain digipeater
  • RODDHU Roderick Dhu Mountain digipeater
  • VA7DIG-1 Kelowna Landmark iGate
  • VA7OGO-1 Revelstoke West digipeater
  • VA7OGO-2 Revelstoke East digipeater
  • VA7OGO-3 Golden North digipeater (not yet installed)
  • VA7OGO-4 Golden Kicking Horse Mountain digipeater (not yet installed)
  • VA7OGO-5 Begbie (pending)
  • VA7OGO-13 Golden digipeater (not yet installed)
  • VA7OGO-14 Blue Grouse iGate
  • VA7OGO-15 Revelstoke iGate (not yet installed)
  • VA7YLW-1 Black Knight Mountain digipeater
  • VE7OGO-1 Cedar Creek iGate
  • VE7ROC Little White Mountain digipeater


Club Repeaters

Call Sign Name Band Frequency Offset Tone Type Status Notes Sponsor
VE7ROC Little White Mountain 2M 146.820 -0.600 Analog FM Online Solar Powered; Elevation 2170m
VE7RBG Big White Mountain 2M 146.860 -0.600 88.5 Analog FM Online Solar Powered; Elevation 2220m
VE7RBJ Okanagan Mountain 6M 53.250 -1.700 Analog FM Online Elevation 1570m; Parrot Mode; Currently a problem with receive desense
VE7ROW Okanagan Mountain 2M 147.000 +0.600 88.5 Analog FM Online Elevation 1570m
VE7RBJ Okanagan Mountain 2M 145.490 -0.600 88.5 System Fusion Analog / C4FM Online Elevation 1570m
VE7HWY Kuipers Peak 2M 145.250 -0.600 88.5 System Fusion Analog / C4FM Online Elevation 660m
VE7HWY Kuipers Peak 70CM 444.500 +5.000 88.5 System Fusion Analog / C4FM Online WIRES-X node; Elevation 660m
VA7KEL Blue Grouse Mountain 2M 145.090 +0.600 88.5 System Fusion Analog / C4FM Online WIRES-X node; Elevation 1280m
VA7KEL Blue Grouse Mountain 70CM 444.825 +5.000 88.5 Analog FM Online Elevation 1280m
VE7HOL Dilworth Mountain 2M 146.680 -0.600 Analog FM Online Elevation 640m
VA7DIG-C Landmark 2 D-Star Repeater 2M 145.030 +0.600 D-STAR Online Elevation 400m
VA7DIG-B Landmark 2 D-Star Repeater 70CM 440.950 +5.000 D-STAR Online Elevation 400m
VA7DIG-A Landmark 2 D-Star Repeater 23CM 1247.000 +12.000 D-STAR Online Elevation 400m
VA7DIG-DD Landmark 2 D-Star Repeater 23CM 1293.150 SIMPLEX D-STAR Data Online Elevation 400m
VE7ROK Orchard Repeater 2M 146.620 -0.600 88.5 Analog FM Online Linked thru Peachland to Penticton 147.120; Elevation 360m; IRLP Node (Down)
VA7OKV Peachland Repeater 70CM 447.225 -5.000 88.5 Analog FM Online Link Repeater in Peachland; Elevation 490m

‎Club member operated Repeater information

Call Sign Description Band Frequency Offset Tone Type Status Notes Sponsor
VE7SFX Rutland 2M 146.780 -0.600 88.5 C4FM Online Chris Walter VE7EQN
VA7NBC Kelowna Kuipers Peak 2M 147.100 +0.600 88.5 FM Planned MMDVM Multi-Mode U/V Digital Rpt. Fred Schrod VA7UN
VE7OJP Osoyoos Mt. Kobo Repeater 2M 147.180 +0.600 88.5 FM Planned Linked to VE7KTV Fred Schrod VA7UN
VE7EJP Salmon-Arm Cult Hill Repeater 2M 146.720 -0.600 88.5 FM Planned Linked to VE7KTV via Enderby Fred Schrod VA7UN
VA7CNN Kelowna Black Mtn. 2M 146.840 -0.600 88.5 FM Online Allstar Win-System Affiliate Repeater Fred Schrod VA7UN
VE7RJP Revelstoke Mt. Begbie Repeater 2M 147.200 +0.600 88.5 FM Planned Linked to VE7KTV Fred Schrod VA7UN
VA7UN Kelowna Allstar Link Repeater 2M 147.260 +0.600 88.5 FM Planned Fred Schrod VA7UN
VE7KTV Kelowna Blue Grouse Mtn. 2M 147.300 +0.600 88.5 FM Online Hub Repeater/ATV Fred Schrod VA7UN
VE7VTV Vernon Turtle Mtn. Repeater 2M 147.300 +0.600 88.5 FM Planned Linked to VE7KTV Fred Schrod VA7UN
VA7PTV Penticton Chute-Lake Mtn. Repeater 2M 146.700 -0.600 88.5 FM Planned Fred Schrod VA7UN
VA7JPL Enderby Enderby Cliff 70CM 449.900 +5.000 88.5 FM Planned UHF Hub/Relay Fred Schrod VA7UN

Club member operated APRS

  • VE7RJP-1 Revelstoke digipeater Sponsor VE7EQN
  • VE7OJP-1 Osoyoos digipeater Sponsor VE7EQN

(ATV) Amateur Television Repeater System information

  • VE7KTV Kelowna ATV 439.25 MHz TX / 2.410 GHz RX & 1.289 GHz (VE7VTV-Vernon) RX Sponsor VA7UN
  • VE7VTV Vernon ATV 1.289 GHz FM ATV TX / 1.246 GHz RX & 439.25 MHz (VE7KTV-Kelowna) RX Sponsor VA7VW

Amateur Satellite and Space Communications


Amsat Twitter



AMSAT Germany


Es’hail-2 Qatar/AMSAT-DL Geostationary Satellite


Canadian Amateur Satellite CanX-1 CanX-2


ECOsat Canadian Amateur Satellite

Gunter's Space Page

DD1US Satellite Page

KA7FVV Satelite Page

Real time Satelite Tracking

ISS Fan Club

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

Explanation of ARISS

Ham Radio on the ISS

Ham Radio contact with ISS

Live Streaming VA7UN Satellite Gateway Ground Station

VE3VRW Demo of Satellite Gateway on Toronto Repeater Network

C4FM/DMR/P-25/D-Star MMDVM/Digital Voice - information

Brandmeister MMDVM Wiki

Multi Mode Digital MMDVM Demo

TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR HT


Fusion C4FM QSO

System Fusion C4FM info

P25 vs FM 900 MHz

FM vs C4FM

FM vs C4FM marginal path

Radiodiddy GD-77 Dual Band DMR Radio

How DMR works

Android DMR Smart Phone Outphone Rangerphone S15

RangeFinder M1

Sure DMR Smart Phone S8


(UVIC) University of Victoria Web-SDR

University of Twente - The Netherlands

Misc technical information

BC Frequency Coordination Council

Interesting Amateur Radio Links:

How you can Talk to a Astronaut from Home - All about Ham Radio

Famous Ham's

More Famous Ham's

Sam from Space

Documents for Club Resources:

Using the Club Remote Radio

Tips for Accessing System Fusion Rooms using the Yaesu FT70DR