OCARC Constitution

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This is a reference copy of this document generated July 21st 2017, For the latest official version please contact a member of the Executive

Part 1 Name

  1. This organization shall be known as The Orchard City Amateur Radio Club.

Part 2 Purpose

  1. To promote and develop the study and operation of all aspects of Amateur Radio.
  2. To promote and develop the physical, mental and social conditions of its members by providing means of recreation, amusement and mutual assistance.
  3. To acquire by gift, lease or purchase Amateur Radio or other apparatus for the use of the Club.
  4. To affiliate with other Amateur Radio Associations.
  5. To obtain quarters suitable for club facilities when feasible.
  6. To be prepared to assist and to assist Federal, Provincial and local authorities in the event of emergencies; and
  7. When requested, to assist other organizations where feasible.

Approved by Victoria: December 2, 2016

Approved by Members; November 24, 2016