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146.620 - 600 88.5


The Orchard repeater is located at a private residence. It consists of a main repeater with two link radios. The first link is to Penticton via a UHF repeater in Peachland. The second link is via UHF to the Chute Lake club facilities and an IRLP node.


  • Repeater
Model: Kenwood TKR-750
Frequency: 146.620 MHz Tone 88.5 Hz
  • Link Radios
Model: Yeasu FT-7900R Dual band (70cm/2m)
We use the 1900 baud data port for voice. This avoids possible level changes from adjusting the volume control.
  • Controller
Arcom Controllers RC-210. c/w three port audio delay board. Three port controller fully configurable on each port.
Firmware version 7.361


VE7ROK (146.620- t88.5) is
  1. primarily a local chat repeater.
  2. the primary repeater used by the EOC during local emergencies.
  3. the secondary repeater used for communications during events. (Marathons, triathlons, fund raising walks etc.) Primary is 146.680- ct88.5


These are DTMF ™ codes entered over the air, by the amateur, to arrange the facilities.

  1. A260 Link repeater to IRLP node. Disconnect link to Penticton.
  2. A262 Link repeater, IRLP, & Penticton together. Send 'On' code to Penticton.
  3. A265 Unlink repeater from Penticton, send 'Off' code to Penticton. Note this isolates the repeater in Peachland.
  4. A111 Say time.