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OCARC Technical Documentation

Welcome to the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club's technical documentation archive. Here you will find details about various technical projects that the club is working on, as well as an archive of documentation for club-owned equipment.



  • VE7ROC Little White Mountain VHF repeater
  • VA7DIG Landmark 2 D-Star repeater
  • VE7HOL Dilworth Mountain VHF repeater
  • VE7ROK Orchard VHF repeater
  • VE7RBG Big White VHF repeater
  • VA7YLW Big White IRLP node
  • VA7OKV Peachland UHF hub
  • VE7KEL Kelowna UHF repeater


  • BGWHTE Big White Mountain IRLP


  • BGWHTE Big White Mountain digipeater
  • RODDHU Roderick Dhu Mountain digipeater
  • VA7DIG-1 Kelowna Landmark iGate
  • VA7OGO-1 Revelstoke West digipeater
  • VA7OGO-2 Revelstoke East digipeater
  • VA7OGO-3 Golden North digipeater (not yet installed)
  • VA7OGO-4 Golden Kicking Horse Mountain digipeater (not yet installed)
  • VA7OGO-13 Golden digipeater (not yet installed)
  • VA7OGO-14 Blue Grouse iGate (not yet installed)
  • VA7OGO-15 Revelstoke iGate (not yet installed)
  • VA7YLW-1 Black Knight Mountain digipeater
  • VE7OGO-1 Cedar Creek iGate
  • VE7ROC Little White Mountain digipeater


Club Stations

Cedar Creek



  • IGate using a Raspberry Pi
  • 5cm Data network using COTS operating in the 5.83GHz to 5.92GHz Band