ToDo List

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Here's a list, in no particular order, of items that need to be addressed, or jobs that still need to be completed. If you want to take a task, please put your name next to it.

  • Fix DHCP @Ian
  • Announce @Ian
  • Configure Sector120 equipment for BKM
  • Rack Servers for Infrastructure @Ian
  • Bring APRSC online @DarcyB
  • Bring Portal and other Infrastructure online
    • Improve DHCP server (move it off the edgerouter to the portal server) @Stephen
  • Continue inhouse APRS web services, @DarcyB
  • Investigate pam_oauth2 as a central cred service for infra.
    • VA7STV - I have enabled ldap authentication against auth-01 for the proxmox cluster. Proxmox uses LDAP in paralell and accounts must also be created on the cluster before a login can be made.
    • LDAP auth has been enabled in librenms
  • Automate coverage plot generation @DarcyB
    • Make slippymap tile service
    • Make plot generation happen based on portal contents
    • Make coverage server accessible via API
    • Add P2P plots to coverage service
    • Improve source geodata used by coverage services
  • Write some documentation regarding integration of your hamwan modem with your local network and/or why not to. (partially complete)
  • Fix incorrect SSID on all radios, This is going to be disruptive so I am waiting to make sure its the only thing we need to to everywhere @Stephen