Standard Operating Procedures/PRO001 - Project Function Application

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Orchard City Amateur Radio Club - Standard Operating Procedure

Identifier PRO001
Subject Project Funding Application
Reference Projects
Purpose A form for submitting suggested purchases for which you want funding.

(Please submit this form even if you cannot complete all sections; any submission is better than none)

                                             Part A
                 Required Information (MUST be filled in)
What equipment does your project require? _____________________________________________________________

How will your project contribute to club advancement, public safety or emergency preparedness? (Justify your intended purchase)


Name___________________ Call sign__________ Date______________

(If this is a GROUP submission, please name your group and spokesperson)

                                                Part B
                      Optional Information (MAY be filled in)
Product manufacturer and model _________________________________

Source of product _____________________________________________

Estimated cost (in Canadian dollars, including tax)____________________

Shipping cost (in Canadian dollars) _______________________________
April 27, 2017 - Passed a motion to approve at OCARC meeting