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Service Purpose Hostname IP Address Location LDAP Status Access
DNS Name Resolution ns1.hamwan.ca PVD esxi host SSH - YES In Progress ssh
LibreNMS Network Monitoring nms.if.hamwan.ca PVD Proxmox Cluster LibreNMS - YES
In Progress http://nms.if.hamwan.ca
HamWAN Portal Device Management portal.if.hamwan.ca PVD Proxmox Cluster Portal - YES
- http://portal.if.hamwan.ca
LDAP Authentication Central Authentication auth-01.pvd.if.hamwan.ca PVD Proxmox Cluster SSH - YES - http://auth-01.pvd.if.hamwan.ca
voIP Services Telecommunications pbx-01.pvd.if.hamwan.ca PVD Proxmox Cluster SSH - YES - http://pbx-01.pvd.if.hamwan.ca
APRS Services APRS aprsc-01.pvd.if.hamwan.ca PVD Proxmox Cluster SSH - YES - http://aprsc-01.pvd.if.hamwan.ca:14501
ZoneMinder Camera zoneminder.if.hamwan.ca PVD Proxmox Cluster SSH - YES In Progress -
OCARC Wiki Wiki wiki.ocarc.ca - Donated cPanel Hosting SSH - N/A
Wiki - YES
In Progress
OCARC Website Drupal www.ocarc.ca - Donated cPanel Hosting SSH - No
Drupal -YES
In Progress
backups Backups - - - SSH - In-Progress In Progress In Progress

PVD Proxmox Cluster

Note: Proxmox requires local provisioning of LDAP accounts. If you require access to the Proxmox cluster your will need to contact VA7DBI or VA7STV to have your account provisioned.

Node Name Status Purpose Hostname IP Address Hardware LDAP Storage Access
pve-1 Offline - pve-1.pvd.if.hamwan.ca IBM ProxMox -???
SSH -???
- http://pve-1.pvd.if.hamwan.ca:8006
pve-2 Offline

pve-2.pvd.if.hamwan.ca IBM ProxMox -???
SSH -???
- http://pve-2.pvd.if.hamwan.ca:8006
pve-3 Online

pve-3.pvd.if.hamwan.ca IBM ProxMox -???
SSH -???
- http://pve-3.pvd.if.hamwan.ca:8006
pve-4 ? - - - - - - -
pve-5 Online

pve-5.pvd.if.hamwan.ca IBM


pve-dstar (11) Online Reserved for D-Star Services pve-dstar.pvd.hamwan.ca Dell ProxMox -???
SSH -???
- http://pve-dstar.pvd.if.hamwan.ca:8006
pve-12 Online - pve-12.pvd.if.hamwan.ca - ProxMox -???
SSH -???
- http://pve-12.pvd.if.hamwan.ca:8006