Feb 2019 Tech Committee Notes

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Tech meeting notes Feb 5 , 2019 - 13 attending started 7:00

Allen VA7AZV Chair

1. Little White repeater; Ian has 2nd repeater and requires further work before installation.

     **Fred take old 7800 use for phone patch.
     **Doug wants designated simplex Digital Freq Fred will bring suggestions

2. Big White repeater; Working

3. Dilworth repeater; Working

4. Orchard repeater; Ham wan is installed and IRLP raspberry pi is in place. Its not working. We think its may be cabling. VOIP is ready for phone patch on-site

5. BlueGrouse ; Working

6. Black Knight; Working

7. D-Star repeaters. Ian is talking to Industry Canada to re-start. 1.2 - Is on now.
Gate way server not woring.

8. Cedar Creek Club Station. Liner Amp, does have one blown Mosfet Salmon Arm has protection circuit mod.Rob Hickman VE7HMN has mod to fix.
Grounding check still needed.
Alarm system reporting needs to be setup Will get modules from  Mike Fleming VE7FI
**Remote radio not working
**160 M loop needs haliards replaced.

9. Winlink : Working

10. Kuipers Peak; working

11. APRS Sites; VA7OGO-15 Revelstoke City I-gate. Not Working.
Anyone in the area please pick up the radio, power supply, antenna, coax and pipemast.

12. HamWan;  Installing new at firehall. Maps, Kuipers Cam.

Spending money
2 ftm-400s -Done  **Tom is setting up the 2 new grab-and-go kits
OCI 4 Filters -$1200
Hamwan Linking Impmvmnts 1 -30db dishes $700
Hamwan for OKM  -Radios/router $1500
Repeater relay -Done
Wires X - Done
HF Antenna Ellison -$1000
Crystal refurb sundry ham parts $8000
**Fusion DR2-X Repeaters on sale are avalible until June 2019 - if OK is a nogo then ....

13. WiresX Nodes

14. Okanagan Mountain - Paperwork almost done. Crystal can needs work done. Fred VE7UN talking to Ed of Parks

15. Crystal Can 147.000 off the air. needs to be powered back up. - Fred will do this

***   Need a new Chair for Tech Meeting.

Next meeting Mar 5, 2019, 19:00 hours