Apr 2018 Tech Committee Notes

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Feb 2018 Tech Committee Notes

Tech meeting notes April 3, 2018 - Allen VA7AZV Chair Tech Meeting Notes Meeting Started @ 7:05 PM #13 members in attendance.

1. Little White repeater; Ian has 2nd repeater and requires further work before installation. Chris will provide assistance.

2. Big White repeater;


3. Dilworth repeater;


4. Orchard repeater;

 Controller to be updated by Geoff VE7WAT  and Tom VE7ENP.

IRLP link turned off temporarily . Ham wan to be installed and IRLP raspberry pi to be moved from club station to Orchard repeater site. Allen VA7AZV will work with Stephan VA7STV to build the node. Interference on 146.62 repeater continues and is being monitored by VE7MET. - Building needs repair, assess building - Assess power usage. crew visit tuesday 10th morning

5. BlueGrouse Mt.

   VE7KEL Fusion Repeater UHF  installed and working.    

6. Black Knight

   VE7KEL Fusion Repeater VHF installed with wrong call sign, Fred will fix

5. D-Star repeaters.

  Diff - GPS Interference problems persisting. 1247mhz voice module turned off.

Ian is talking to Industry Canada. Tested with Spectrum analyzer TOK. CanSel Inc, is helping. They are still having issues.

6. Cedar Creek Club Station.

  Investigation into shack grounding is needed.
  HF Power Amp ( Ameritron ) ALS-1300  broken - Blown finals Ian will pull the Mosfets and test.

Salmon Arm has protection circuit mod. Rob Hickman Ve7HMN has mod to fix.

  Need to replace emergency light battery.

Need a step stool. Alarm system reporting needs to be setup. Mike Fleming VE7FI Need to Blow out computers.

  RIGOL Analyzer Party / Allen VA7AZV will try to contact Ian again.

7. Kuipers Peak

New repeater Install progress.

    Waiting for Fred to install charger and tune the duplexers.     2 Yaesu Fusion DR-2X repeaters have been ordered by David VA7ZAT     Coax and lighting arrestors to be completed. 

8. APRS Sites.

VA7OGO-15 Revelstoke City I-gate. Not Working. Ongoing issue. - Pull it!

Gord VE7GFH tried contact ham ( Garth ) in Revelstoke to investigate. - Cant contact. Anyone in the area please pick up the radio, power supply, antenna, coax and pipemast.

   Add APRS to hwy 3 area.  Alan VE7MET will talk to Benoit VE7EBR to install Apex.     All other sites working, no news is good news.   


Hugh VE7?? Said radio sites are being decomm'd TPARC is on its last legs.

10. HamWan.

Turtle mnt. Has a strong link to BlueGrouse Mtn. Sectors to be installed. BlkKnt mnt. New Link Radio to LandMark be installed. Third sector to be installed.

    Security update - ZeroDay exploit inffected Puget Sounds older firmware - We were untouched.          updates were checked and internet facing devices were hardened.

11. New Business

    Gaming spending for next year - Stephan VA7STV --$1800 left, Stephan VA7STV collected ideas,      He will distribute info and templates     

Next meeting May 1, 2018, 19:00 hours @ Kelowna #1 fire hall.