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146.620 - 600 tone squelch 88.5


The Orchard repeater is located at a private residence. It consists of a main repeater with one link radio. The link is to Penticton via a UHF repeater in Peachland. Additionally an IRLP node (1491) on this repeater is connected to the internet via HAMWAN. Autopatch services are also available here.


  • Repeater*: Model: Kenwood TKR-750*: Frequency: 146.620 - 600 MHz Tone squelch 88.5 Hz*
  • Link Radio*: Model: Yeasu FT-7900R Dual band (70cm/2m)*: We use the 1900 baud data port for voice. This avoids possible level changes from adjusting the volume control.
  • Controller*: Arcom Controllers RC-210. c/w three port audio delay board. Three port controller fully configurable on each port. *:: Firmware version 7.636. This controller can be managed remotely.


VE7ROK (146.620- tone squelch 88.5) is
  1. primarily a local chat repeater with continuous UHF link to Penticton Campbell Mountain repeater.
  2. the secondary repeater used by the EOC during local emergencies. Primary is 146.68- tone squelch 88.5
  3. the secondary repeater used for communications during events. (Marathons, triathlons, fund raising walks etc.) Primary is 146.680- tone squelch 88.5


These are DTMF ™ codes entered over the air, by the amateur, to arrange the facilities.

  1. A260 Link repeater to IRLP node. Disconnect link to Penticton.
  2. A262 Link repeater, IRLP, & Penticton together. Send 'On' code to Penticton.
  3. A265 Unlink repeater from Penticton, send 'Off' code to Penticton. Note this isolates the repeater in Peachland.
  4. A111 Say time.