September 2017 Tech Committee Notes

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OCARC Technical Committee Meeting Notes Sept 5, 2017

Allen Royston VA7AZV , Chair.

Started @ 7:05

In attendance:

See List

1. Little White repeater;

  Ian has 2nd repeater and requires further work before installation.

2. Big White repeater;

  IRLP – 1172 VA7YLW  -- Allen VA7AZV needs to restore 1419 to the new hardware.

3. Dilworth repeater Working.

4. Orchard repeater & IRLP & Peachland

  link  Working. Broadcasts "ERROR" and CW ID  VE7WAT will correct.

5. Blue Grouse Mtn;

  Fusion repeaters need jumpers for duplex run working and frequency coordinated .  145.090 + 600 VHF

6. Toovey UHF repeater;

  Old VHF to be auctioned off. Stephen will Email club

7. D-Star repeaters;

  Working. New PC to be installed for added features. ( Ian)

9. Chute Lk. Shack;

   Investigation into shack grounding is needed. USB Isolater
   160 metre loop tower 450ohm window line feed standoffs need repair. - will ask Neil to do as climbing required.
   Climbing Project - Allen will Put together Club presentation.
   Remote Power Amp broken. 
   Ant problem? Air conditioner
   Need to clean up shack. Blow out computers and air conn.

10. Ellison Shack;

   On going antenna projects etc.   Stephen VA7STV will take photos
   Entry not working properly. Steve will call Gord Stracon.
   Ellison storage container sinking & needs leveling.  Jack-alls required.
   Fred will remove 2 racks from can

12. Projects:

	Ham-Wan  update ;
		Lanmark sectors complete
		Point to Point  Kuipers ready 
		BlkKnt – chg to 5.9g=need antennas $150 approved by tech committee
		ChuteLk – kiupers 900mhz. ??
 	Okanagan Mountain for OCARC, COSAR & CASARA.  
		Fred VA7UN – Telus approved! Working with BCHydro interference maps and parks approval letter.
               Can install window is Oct/ Early Nov.
               Need Club approval for money for this project.
       Need to plan installation of Crystal Repeater Can

13. Kuipers Peak – New repeater Install progress Interior installed racks in place. Electrical install on hold re: City permit requirements Tower and Antenna's in place. Ham Wan site working on batteries.

14. APRS Sites

 VE7ROC     Little White Digi     Working
 BGWHTE   Big White Digi          Working                    
 VA7YLW-1   Black Knight Mtn. Digi  Working
 RODDHU    Rodrick Dhu Mtn. Digi   Working
 VE7OGO-1   Cedar Creek Shack  I-gate Working					
 VA7OGO-1   Revelstoke West Digi Working   
 VA7OGO-2   Revelstoke East Digi down  – unit is in cloverdale 
 VA7OGO-3   Golden North Digi never installed -asked to be returned
 VA7OGO-4   Kicking Horse Mtn. Digi ( Ski hill )   Working
 VA7OGO-13   Golden I-gate  Working
 VA7OGO-14   Blue Grouse I-gate Working – “needs location “ comment line updated – still outstanding.
 VA7OGO-15   Revelstoke I-gate  Not Working. Ongoing
 Kamploops IGate messing up our network - Tom, Doug will talk to...

Next Committee Tech Meeting - Oct 3, 2017 19:00 hours @ Kelowna #1 fire hall.