July 2017 Tech Committee Notes

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OCARC Technical Committee Meeting Notes July 4th, 2017

Allen Royston VA7AZV , Chair.

In attendance:

Alan Nourse VE7MET, Chris Walter - VE7EQN, David Conzatti - VA7ZAT, Doug Wirsz - VE7VZ, Fred Schrod - VA7UN, Gord Hawkey - VE7GFH, Ian Mclaughlin - VE7BST, Ross Potter - VE7POT, Steve Mclaughlin - VA7STV, Tom Apps - VE7ENP,

1. Little White repeater;

  Ian has 2nd repeater and requires further work before installation.

2. Big White repeater;

  Possibility to link to  Little White or maybe  Okanagan Mtn.
  IRLP – 1172 VA7YLW  -- Allen VA7AZV will be converting it to 1491 and building a new Pi IRLP with the recovered parts.

3. Dilworth repeater Working.

4. Orchard repeater & IRLP & Peachland

  link  Working.  Updated  controller ready for install. Updated – have a spare.

5. Blue Grouse Mtn;

  Fusion repeater working and frequency coordinated .  145.090 + 600 VHF

6. Crystal repeater;

  temporarily working @ Ellison storage site

7. Toovey UHF repeater;

  Arcom controller removed for upgrades.
  Repeater turned off for now and board recovered for upgrade.
  Alan VE7MET will note landlord

8. D-Star repeaters;

  Working. New PC to be installed for added features. ( Ian)

9. Chute Lk. Shack;

  Further investigation into shack grounding is needed.
  160 metre loop tower 450ohm window line feed standoffs need repair. - will ask Neil to do as climbing required.

10. Ellison Shack;

   On going antenna projects etc.   Stephen VA7STV will take photos
   Steve VA7STV and Ian VE7BST  Installed hamwan and disconected shaw. 
   Entry not working properly. Steve will call gord stracon.
   Ellison storage container sinking & needs leveling.  Jack-alls required.

12. Projects:

	Ham-Wan  update ;
		Lanmark sectors complete
		Point to Point  Kuipers ready 
		BlkKnt – chg to 5.9g=need antennas $150 approved by tech committee
		ChuteLk – kiupers 900mhz. ??
 	Okanagan Mountain for OCARC, COSAR & CASARA.  
		Fred VA7UN – stuck with Telus.
 Discussion of cameras at club sites.  To be brought forward at general meeting. Table until september. 

13. Kuipers Peak – New repeater Install progress Interior installed racks in place. Electrical install on hold re: City permit requirements Tower rasing @7 Everyone bring rope.

14. APRS Sites

 VE7ROC     Little White Digi     Working
 BGWHTE   Big White Digi          Working                    
 VA7YLW-1   Black Knight Mtn. Digi  Working
 RODDHU    Rodrick Dhu Mtn. Digi   Working
 VE7OGO-1   Cedar Creek Shack  I-gate Working					
 VA7OGO-1   Revelstoke West Digi Working   
 VA7OGO-2   Revelstoke East Digi down  – unit is in cloverdale 
 VA7OGO-3   Golden North Digi never installed -asked to be returned
 VA7OGO-4   Kicking Horse Mtn. Digi ( Ski hill )   Working
 VA7OGO-13   Golden I-gate  Working
 VA7OGO-14   Blue Grouse I-gate Working – “needs location “ comment line updated – still outstanding.
 VA7OGO-15   Revelstoke I-gate  Not Working.  Last heard a station 246 days ago Fred will stop in – needs contact info

15. Revisit the Gaming app. Need to modify/update the 5 year plan.

	Gord VE7GFH. Remove ATV, Add Fusion upgrades,
	create Repeater BB (BatteryBackup) Project.

16. Yeasu Fusion DR-2X Upgrade – Fred VA7UN

    		upgrade path will probably only last 6 months

17. Coordination web has been updated - Alan VE7MET

Next Committee Tech Meeting - Aug 1, 2017 19:00 hours @ Kelowna #1 fire hall.