Google Workspace

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OCARC makes use of the Google Workspace platform. This page details some of the ways we use it.

Important Notes

  • Password changes must be completed on and may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate to Google Workspace. If you change your password in Google Workspace it will ultimately be reset to your LDAP password during the next synchronization cycle. Likewise, if you use the Google password recovery tool your password will eventually revert to your LDAP password.
  • OCARC is not responsible for the contents of these google accounts, This service may be withdrawn at any time. It is up to the user to ensure that data stored in these accounts is adequately backed up elsewhere.

How Does OCARC use Google Workspace

  • OCARC uses google workspace to facilitate club business and securely store club records.
  • OCARC uses google workspace to provide contact mailing lists to our members.
  • OCARC uses google workspace to provide <call> email accounts/aliases to our members in good standing.

A word about passwords

  • Google workspace is integrated into our LDAP system, however, it is NOT real-time.
  • Password should always be managed and/or recovered using the tools at however it can take up to 6 hours for these changes to be reflected in Google Workspace.

By Using Google Workspace provided by OCARC You Acknowledge that:

  • You are fully responsible for the contents of your account
  • OCARC may choose to terminate its relationship with Google Workspace at any time with or without notice. This may mean that you no longer have access to your account or its contents