Feb 2018 Tech Committee Notes

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tech meeting notes February 6, 2018 - Alan VE7MET Chair Tech Meeting Notes Meeting Started @ 7:05 PM 11 members in attendance.

4. Orchard repeater.

  Controller to be updated by Geoff VE7WAT  and Tom VE7ENP.
  IRLP link turned off temporarily . Ham wan to be installed and IRLP raspberry pi
  to be moved from club station to Orchard repeater site.
  Allen VA7AZV will work with Stephan VA7STV to build the node.
  Interference on 146.62 repeater continues and is being monitored by VE7MET.

6. D-Star repeaters.

   Diff - GPS Interference problems persisting. 1247mhz voice module turned off. 
   Ian is talking to Industry Canada.

7. Cedar Creek Club Station.

   HamWan has now replaced Shaw Internet.  Investigation into shack grounding is needed.
   160 metre loop (tower 1) 450 ohm window line feed standoffs need repair. – Climber needed.
   HF Power Amp ( Ameritron ) ALS-1300  broken - Blown finals Ian will pull the Mosfets and test.
   Need to clean up shack. Blow out computers.   RIGOL Analyzer Party / Meeting – when ?. 

13. Kuipers Peak – New repeater Install progress.

     Waiting for Fred to install charger and tune the duplexers.
     Extensive discussion regarding     “what is the right repeaters to purchase”.
     Decision to purchase 2 Yaesu Fusion DR-2X repeaters – one each for VHF and UHF (for FM use).
     2 Yaesu Fusion DR-2X repeaters have been ordered by David VA7ZAT
     Coax and lighting arrestors to be completed.

14. APRS Sites VA7OGO-15 Revelstoke City I-gate. Not Working. Ongoing issue.

     Gord VE7GFH to contact ham ( Garth ) in Revelstoke to investigate.

Next meeting MARCH 6, 2018, 19:00 hours @ Kelowna #1 fire hall.