December 2017 Tech Committee Notes

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OCARC Technical Committee Meeting Notes Dec 5 , 2017

Allen Royston VA7AZV , Chair.

Started @ 7:20

In attendance:

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1. Little White repeater;

  Ian has 2nd repeater and requires further work before installation.

2. Big White repeater;


3. Dilworth repeater


4. Orchard repeater & IRLP & Peachland

  Controller has been updated by Geoff VE7WWAT. Visual inspection done everything ok.
  IRLP still noisy. Ham wan to be installed, IRLP node will built for orchard location.
  Allen VA7AZV will work with Stephan VA7STV to build the node.

5. Blue Grouse Mtn;

  Fusion repeater and Ham Wan sector installed and working

6. D-Star repeaters;

  Diff - GPS Interference problems persisting. 1247mhz voice module turned off. Fred has offered diagnostic help.
  Ian is talking to Industry Canada.

7. Cedar creek;

   Investigation into shack grounding is needed.
   160 metre loop tower 450ohm window line feed standoffs need repair. - will ask Neil to do.
   Climbing Project - Allen will Put together Club presentation. (put off until spring)
   HF Power Amp broken - Blown finals Ian will pull the Mosfets and test.
   Need to clean up shack. Blow out computers and air conn.
   HamWan will take over ShawInternet

8. Ellison Shack;

   On going antenna projects etc. Stephen VA7STV will take photos to assess HF antenna placement.
   Power lines are still in a bad location. Ham wan will need new cat6. Fridge dead.

9. Projects:

	Ham-Wan  update ;
		Landmark sectors complete
		Need to install link radio to BG at Kuipers
		BlkKnt – 2 sectors installed. Back sector in spring.
               BlueGrouse - P2P to Kuipers. 1 sector to Downtown. P2P installed at Turtle Mtn.
               HamWan Backbone Okanagan 50/50 project work with Vernon and Penticton???
               We can check usage from
 	Okanagan Mountain for OCARC, COSAR & CASARA.  
        Fred VA7UN – Telus approved! Working with BCHydro interference maps and parks approval letter.
        Need to plan installation of Crystal Repeater Can. - Fred will do Build plan.

13. Kuipers Peak – New repeater Install progress.

       Waiting for Fred to install charger and tune the dupexers
       Geoff will look into power dist.
       Repeaters are ready to install.
       Need to move cedar creek Irlp node to Kuipers when available.
       Coax and lighting arrestors to be competed.

14. APRS Sites

 VE7ROC     Little White Digi     Working
 BGWHTE   Big White Digi          Working                    
 VA7YLW-1   Black Knight Mtn. Digi  Working
 RODDHU    Rodrick Dhu Mtn. Digi   Working
 VE7OGO-1   Cedar Creek Shack  I-gate Working					
 VA7OGO-1   Revelstoke West Digi Working   
 VA7OGO-2   Revelstoke East Digi down  – unit is in transit back to kelowna
 VA7OGO-3   Golden North Digi never installed -unit is in transit back to kelowna
 VA7OGO-4   Kicking Horse Mtn. Digi ( Ski hill )   Working
 VA7OGO-13   Golden I-gate  Working
 VA7OGO-14   Blue Grouse I-gate Working.
 VA7OGO-15   Revelstoke city I-gate  Not Working. Ongoing issue.

15. How to expend the gaming grant money. (self insurance!)

   Allen VA7AZV - will compile a spending list for next Tech meeting.

16. Yaesu Fusion Repeater upgrade - Fred VE7UN - Approved by Tech committee for 2 repeaters

   Geoff VE7WAT will Order from Yaesu.        

Next Committee Tech Meeting - Jan 2, 2018 19:00 hours @ Kelowna #1 fire hall.