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In order to be considered a HamWAN compatible network, there are several criteria that the network must follow.

Please note, this certification process, does not need to be followed by a client node (users) trying to connect to an existing certified hamwan network.

  1. A ham must be able to use the Client Node Configuration instructions to connect to your network. You can use the Sector Configuration instructions to accomplish this. Here is a summary:
  2. Your network must be routable on the Internet. It is important that HamWAN networks are interconnected, and to do this we use the Internet.
    • A convenient/cheap way to accomplish this is by using addresses from AMPR
  3. Your network must be open for use by all hams. The only exclusion permitted is after a documented violation of Part 97.
  4. Have your network reviewed by the HamWAN organization to confirm that these criteria have been met. Please email psdr@hamwan.org when you are ready to certify your network.