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This has since evolved, and been superseded by BC Interior HamWAN

A pet project is underway to provide highspeed TCP/IP between the OCARC club shacks using only HAM band RF networks. Currently this network is in the proof of concept phase.

Current equipment in the 5cm Hardware lab.

3x Ubiquity NanoBridge M5

1x Ubiquity Rocket M5

2x MikroTik 5SHPn

In order to operate in our spectrum space the Ubiquity radios need to run the XM-v5.5.6 firmware. Newer releases of the firmware make it more complex to provision the radios in our 90MHz allocation above the ISM 802.11a/n space.

eventual plans will see this network inter-operable with the 44/8 network space, specifically we will carve a chunk out of to provide broadband routing to other AMPR enabled networks such as BCWARN and TPARC.

The first interconnect logically would occur into TPARC at their SilverStar Location.

5cm-tier-1-sites Hardware and power requirements

5cm-tier-2-sites Hardware and power requirements


At this time, OCARC has secured 2 locations for the initial roll out, initial we will see a 3 sector offering located on Land Mark 2 and a 2 sector offering on Black Knight