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This is an initial plan for what is needed for a Tier 2 site. Tier 2 sites provide the Access Points into the data ring. Tier 2 sites contain sectors similar to a cellular tower network. These sites should remain running without grid power for a minimum for 24hours running at 100% duty cycle.

Provisional planning for each tier 1 sites is as follows:

1x PTP radios

3x PMP radios

1x 5port Ethernet Switch (1 port gigE, 4 port FE)

1x BeagleBone/Rasberry Pi

1x UHF Data Radio

1x VHF Data Radio

1x Battery System

1x Charging System

Core equipment takes 8-30V input voltage, to minimize line losses for POE, we have standardized on 24V main bus, with DC-DC converters providing 12 and 5V out for other equipment.

To provide 24Hours of off grid operation, a battery system providing 150Ah@24V at 80% DOD is needed.