September 2018 Tech Committee Notes

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Tech meeting notes Sept 4, 2018 -

Allen VA7AZV Chair Tech Meeting¶Notes Meeting Started @ 7:10 PM #13 members in attendance.

1. Little White repeater; Ian has 2nd repeater and requires further work before installation. The transmitter is on the wrong frequency and needs a corrected chip. Maker is dead. Ian is working on a solution.
    Trip - Sar will plan in Sept 2018- make work list - turn on UHF, check Solar Panels and cables

2. Big White repeater; Working

3. Dilworth repeater; Advertize PL recieve tones on website, council and on Dilworth. Add the PL tentively.

4. Orchard repeater; Ham wan is installed and IRLP raspberry pi is in place. Its not working. We think its may be cabling. Allen VA7AZV will work with Stephan VA7STV to fix wiring harness on the node and assess power usage. Building needs some repair. Geoff VE7WAT would like to is a Telco line (VIOP) installed. Darcy has the VOIP ready for phone patch to give to Geoff

5. BlueGrouse ; no change

6. Black Knight; Jessie and Fred will be making a final visit -
      Omega/Fred Met with Warren-install Sec cam and telemetry free pwr.

7. D-Star repeaters. Ian is talking to Industry Canada to re-start. 1.2 - Is on now.

----------------------------------------------------Email Ian. Remove Battery from generator
8. Cedar Creek Club Station. Liner Amp, does have one blown Mosfet Salmon Arm has protection circuit mod. Rob Hickman VE7HMN has mod to fix. Grounding check. Halliards on the loop are worn. 10m performance needs checking.
We need a step stool for the Ham room. Need to Blow out computers. It would be nice to have Alarm system reporting needs to be setup - Mike Fleming VE7FI - 20 meter beam on tower 1 is broken must be fixed.

8b. Winlink : Working

9. Kuipers Peak; Allen VA7AZV donated 12 port rigrunner. The new Fusion repeaters are Due next week and Fred VA7UN  says we should be on the air in 3 weeks(ish)  Stephen will test 3m HW. UHF up and working.

10. APRS Sites; VA7OGO-15 Revelstoke City I-gate. Not Working. Anyone in the area please pick up the radio, power supply, antenna, coax and pipemast.

11. TPARC. Hu VE7HR Said radio sites are being decomm'd TPARC is on its last legs. We will know more after July. Hu will report back then.

12. HamWan; BlkKnt mnt. A new link radio to LandMark will be installed and the third (back) sector.
Fred Jessy and Stephen have completed BM sectors.

14. List of Gaming projects for 2019.

1. Grab and Go Kit Upgrades (System Fusion Digital Radios) Supporters: Geoff VE7WAT, Fred VA7UN Need to inventory existing kits Ideally we build 6 Should be the same radios as used at the club stations ftm-100s
2. Complete (Fix) Hamtronix Repeater Supporters: Fred VA7UN, Ian VE7BST
3. OKM DCI Filters Supporters: Fred VA7UN , Chris Ve7, Geoff VE7WAT -OKM and Kuipers
4. OKM Hamwan Equipment- Supporters: Stephan VA7STV Fred VA7UN
5. Batteries KUI Supporters: Fred VA7UN, Allen VA7AZV
6. Batteries OKM Supporters: Fred VA7UN, Allen VA7AZV
7. Repeater Site Relay control Supporters: Fred VA7UN, Allen VA7AZV, Stephan VA7STV 5 -DenKobi
8. Campbell mountain hamwan.
9. Wires-X Node HCI-200 Link Radio Supporters: Fred VA7UN, Dave VA7ZA
10. Ellison HF Supporters: Allen VA7AZV, Tom VE7ENP, John VE7JWS - Endfed 80m
11. OKM Site establishment.

15. Okanagan Mountain - Paperwork almost done. Crystal can needs work done. Fred talking to Ed of Parks

16. Ham Club HandHeld ICOM radios: recovered by Chris VE7QN from the RCMP.

17. OCARC Website hacked, Stephen will fix.

18. Crystal Can 147.000 off the air. needs to be powered back up. - Fred will do in weeks.

19. Chris has extra climbing gear for club.

20. Fred wants 3 Dancoby control boards and 2 Video contolers - needs Excec approval for $850

Next meeting Oct 2, 2018, 19:00 hours