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Editing the OCARC Website

Our website used the Drupal content management system. It has been setup too allow the delegation of tasks to those members who are more knowledgeable about individual subjects.

Any member of the club can request access to maintain the following parts of the website:

  • Frequencies/Repeaters
    • Checkout the documentation here
    • Please send an email to list-executive@ocarc.ca requesting the "Frequency Manager" role be added to your account
    • Creating/Editing these records is form based and requires no knowledge of HTML or fancy computer jazz.
  • We are working to add maintenance access to the following areas, but it is not yet available:
    • Events Calendar
    • History

To Do

  • Document how to edit frequencies

Build swap and shop page.

Setup authentication for users to have wright access to assigned pages.

  • Need to look at Authentication/Authorization in general. uses OAUTH2, Website and wiki have been migrated to SSO. We have many other subprojects that could make use of centralized login: remote radio, hamwan, infrastructure....