Cell Site

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A typical cell site consists of the following hardware:

Cell Site
Quantity Model Description Vendor Each Total
3 Mikrotik Metal 5SHPn 5GHz sector modem solimedia.net $131.90 $395.70
3 RF Elements SEC-CC-5-16-VVH RF Elements tor Carrier Class 5-16 VVH 3x3 solimedia.net $214.90 $644.70
1 ARC ARC-DA5834SD1 Uplink dish, 3ft, 34 dBi
1 Mikrotik Metal 5SHPn 5GHz uplink modem solimedia.net $131.90 $131.90
1 RB960PGS 5-port PoE router/switch solimedia.net $105.90 $105.90
1 APC AP7900 Switched power distribution unit
500 ft Cat5E Outdoor shielded Cat5E