Hamwan/Documentation/Designing PTP Links

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Things To Avoid

  • Linking to sectors at other sites
  • Linking in the guard bands between sector frequencies
    • Sometimes this cannot be avoided

Getting Started

Choosing a frequency

This can be one of the toughest parts of designing a point to point HamWAN link. The chosen frequency must not interfere with other users at either site, it cannot interfere with our own links at either site.

Naming Equipment

Link radios are named like so LINK-<REMOTE SITE CODE>.<LOCAL SITE CODE>, For example a link radio located at Bluegrouse and pointed towards Kuipers would be named LINK-KUI.BGM and the radio located at Kuipers and pointed towards Bluegrouse would be named LINK-BGM.KUI

RF Side

IP Side


Common Issues

Linking to a sector

You should not create a ptp link using a radio and a sector at a remote site. However if you must there are some important steps required to prevent disaster.

  • The wlan mac address of the link radio MUST be blacklisted on ALL of the sectors colocated at the same site to ensure the link radio NEVER connects to a local sector. A link radio connecting to a local sector can have disastourous consequences that require a visit to the site to resolve.
  • The link radio MUST be configured with a Connect List that only allows it to connect to the desired sector, identified by mac address