Installation/KUI HamWAN Sector

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Parent: Site/Kuipers Peak Sectors LMK online KUI online BKM online BGM online TUR pending Club Clients CED online ELI online

Kuiper's peak Sector Site

- Coordinates: 49.796680, -119.477492


  • Ian McLaughlin VE7BST
  • Stephen McLaughlin VA7STV
  • The site may also have other contacts


Name Manage IP Location Asset Tag Part Number Serial Number Description
HEX1.KUI online testing 751 RB960PGS 7253045C028E/703
RADIO0.KUI online testing 749 RB912UAG-5HPnD-OUT 725C05486924/622 Mikrotik BaseBOX5 0 degrees
Sector would point at a mountain and will not be installed
RADIO240.KUI online testing 750 RB912UAG-5HPnD-OUT 725C045383BD/622 Mikrotik BaseBOX5 120 degrees
LINK-LMK.KUI online testing XXX XXX XXX RBLHG-5nD (links to LINK-KUI.LMK)
LINK-CED.KUI Storage XXX XXX XXX Metal9 (links to LINK-KUI.CED)

Equipment marked in orange has either not been installed yet or is offline
Equipment marked in yellow installed but with problems
Equipment marked in black will not be installed
Equipment marked in green has been installed and should be functioning correctly

Equipment Shelf

As built by Stephen McLaughlin VA7STV prior to installation

As built by Stephen McLaughlin VA7STV prior to installation

Site Status

Hardware Health Activity

Installed: 7/8/2017
Installed: 7/8/2017
Installed: 7/8/2017
Installed: 7/8/2017